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"What is Zerodha: Business model of Zerodha."



Zerodha: Logo 


What is Zerodha.?

Zerodha is a discount broker service company founded in the year 2010 by two brothers. Headquarter in Bangalore. It is an online discount broking company whose main objective is to give lower costs to the customers and everybody can do trading easily. All these services are available to you for free on Zerodha's trading app and website. Zerodha is known for the best trading platform. And also considered the safest agency. And it's a also member of NSE and BSE stock exchange and give services to stock market traders at easy and affordable prices. In this article, we will discuss in detail about all the platform options  Zerodha and thier Business model too.


Zerodha: Founders and Team.?

Zerodha was founded by Two brothers in 2010 name Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath. Nithin Kamath is currently CEO of Zerodha. 


Zerodha completely self funded startup and Zerodha valuation around 1Billion dollar. And Zerodha currently having around 1100 approx employees and they serving their services to all over india.



"If you don’t bet, you can’t win." 

-Nithin Kamath 

Zerodha: Business and Revenue model.?

So basically, the business model of Zerodha working on a "Very low margin model." Zerodha charges a very minimal amount to the traders for transactions using their trading platform. Zerodha take very minimal amount of fees form large number of active client's and that's why they generate good amount of revenue. Also they are quite low for Zerodha as compared to some of the top brokers because of its online structure which allows it to maintain low operational costs and they also charge very low as compared their competitors.

 "So basically they charge minimum brokerage on buying and selling but it's depends on services."


Zerodha: Profit and revenue.?

So Zerodha reported revenue around INR 850 crore in 2019 financial year. And in 2020 financial year their revenue around INR 1093 crore and they reported.


Zerodha: Competitors of Zerodha.?

You know that currently brokerage services sector is too big. So here list of some top alternative of Zerodha...

1. Upstox discount broker. 

2. Angel Broking discount broker.

3. SAS Online discount broker. 

4. 5Paisa discount broker. 

5. TradeSmartOnline discount broker.

6. FYERS discount broker. 

7. TradePlus Online discount broker.

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