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 Hyy guys, Welcome back again, hope you're doing well and enjoying yourself. So today we are discussing the  Story of Clubhouse, a billion dollar a year old startup Clubhouse currently valuation 4 Billion dollar startup. In this article we know about "What is Clubhouse: Business/Revenue Model of Clubhouse" So let's Start…

"Business model of Clubhouse: Business/Revenue Model of Clubhouse."

Nowadays people are  more interested in listening than reading the content, the content which is in the format of audio is called podcast. Yeah on podcast segment many big players are already then why clubhouse is so popular on this. So we can discuss step by step One such social media app is named Clubhouse App.

Today we are going to give you detailed information about Clubhouse, the app recently tweeted by Elon Musk and also Mark Zuckerberg using it.  Before writing, we promise you that after reading this article completely you will not have any more doubts about the Clubhouse audio chat application.

Clubhouse: what is Clubhouse 

Clubhouse App is an audio based social network platform, it was started in March 2020. which not everyone can join!  To use it, it is necessary to take an invite link from a friend one person invites a maximum of five person's at a single time.  And at present, this app is available for Android and IOS users.   The best thing about it is that it does not store anyone's data and audio in its server. 

 You must have run many of your social media applications and nowadays more people prefer chatting than phone calls.  But Clubhouse is such an app in which you can listen to the conversation of others and also share your opinions as well..

Clubhouse: Founder of Clubhouse 

What is Clubhouse: Business/Revenue model of Clubhouse


Paul Davison and Rohan Seth (Indian American) are not new to Silicon Valley.  When they created Clubhouse, they already had the skills needed to bring the project to life. Rohan Seth is a Stanford graduate who went on to work for Google as a software engineer from 2005 to 2012.

Davison founded Math Camp in 2011 with Benjamin Garrett. The company released several social discovery apps, including Highlight, which sent users notifications when friends were in the same area, making it easier to meet up. In 2016, he sold the app to Pinterest.

Davison and Seth built Clubhouse as an alternative to the growing popularity of image-based and video-based social media apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.  Instead of images or video, the platform is voice-only.


Paul Davison has stated that Clubhouse was designed as a voice-only app so that users do not need to worry about appearances.  You do not need to worry about what you're wearing or where you are, you have to only voice chat and it's the best alternative for conference calls..

Clubhouse: Business/Revenue model of Clubhouse 

What is Clubhouse: Business/Revenue model of Clubhouse


Clubhouse valuation already hit billion dollar remarks but currently they are not generating any single amount of money they are currently expanding and acquiring more users. Because if their user base becomes strong they can think about monetization..

Clubhouse: Alternative of Clubhouse


Twitter Spaces

Discord Stage Channels.

Telegram Voice Chat

Reddit Talk

Fireside - Made in India App like Clubhouse.




So there are some big and small players operating on the same segment… 

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Business/Revenue model of Clubhouse